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Hey you,

I'm Zoe Newlove.

I’m a Social Media Coach & Digital Marketing Expert. INFP & Projector (If you know, you know).


I help coaches, influential figures & small business owners eradicate social media overwhelm & build their digital presence with complete confidence & ease. 


My mission is to show you how simple social media gets to be, remind you that you absolutely CAN create content from a place of joy, and most importantly, guide you to structure your business in a way that does not actually rely on social media. That’s right, when you implement a strong social media strategy, you will spend LESS time online and have MORE time for YOU. Digital Marketing is simply a toolbox - I am here to show you how to use these tools efficiently. 


What to expect when you work with me: Say goodbye to feeling overwhelmed, and step into YOUR power. Get ready to play with your inner creativity, upgrade your digital strategy & show up like never before! 


M Y  S T O R Y  S O  F A R


I promise I won’t bore you for too long. The journey that has led me to becoming a Social Media Coach hasn’t been a traditional linear career path. 

I started out as a Graphic Designer, working in London. I loved it but it wasn’t supporting me financially, so I took on an additional part-time job (working for a company called SpaceNK) and this sparked a new passion. I realised I loved all things beauty. 

This ignited a 10 year long career working as a Professional Makeup Artist. Hello London Fashion Week, international travel & working with celebrities. 

Alongside my makeup career, I created a beauty blog, a blog that went onto be nominated for a Johnson & Johnson award. Having a blog meant learning to curate an online presence. I didn't just dip my toe into the world of social media, I dived right in - & I’ve remained there ever since.

My beauty blog opened up the doors to so many exciting opportunities. I featured in 3 issues of Elle Magazine, interviewed Leona Lewis, traveled abroad & became an ambassador for multiple make-up brands. In 2017, I even had a campaign across all Superdrug stores in the UK, followed by a TV Commercial with St. Moritz.  I started my blog before influencers even existed & I just love how the industry has grown and evolved over the years. (Note: I no longer run my beauty blog but you can read my old posts here)


Okay, let’s speed this up. In short: I became utterly obsessed with photography, writing, content creation & networking. Social media became my JAM. The majority of what I had learnt thus far was self taught, so I went onto study for an Advanced Social Media Certification. 

In 2016, an opportunity came my way that I had to grab a hold of with both hands. I accepted a job in Ibiza, as Digital & Social Media Manager for O Beach Ibiza, an incredible beach club. I moved to Ibiza full time and spent 3 years there. It was one of the best experiences of my life. 

In 2019, I made the leap and decided to set up my own social media business. I have since gone onto teach group workshops internationally, managed multiple social media accounts & met so many amazing souls along the way. 

Present day, 2022. 

I now work with incredible soul-led coaches, influencers and small businesses. Whether that be through my group programs, 1:1 Private Mentoring or via my bespoke strategy sessions. Everything I have learned about digital marketing, over the last 10 years, I pour into my clients. 


1 0  F U N  F A C T S 

A B O U T  M E 


  • I spent six years living in Mallorca & Ibiza 
  • I’m obsessed with Human Design (soon to be certified)
  • I’m scared of heights - but love climbing mountains!
  • I wanted to be an Animator - I love drawing & painting!
  • My ideal day off would be out exploring in nature
  • You can normally find me under some form of blanket (even at my desk)
  • I love being out in the water - paddle boarding is awesome
  • I have a sweet tooth - I really need to stop eating picknmix
  • I’m a big dog person - I grew up with a St Bernard
  •  My biggest fear? A real life zombie apocalypse



H O W  C A N  I  H E L P  Y O U ?

A R E  Y O U  L O O K I N G  F O R: 

+ 1:1 Social Media Mentoring

+ Launch Support & Paid Ads 

+ Social Media Management

+ Branding & Biz Strategy

+ All of the above?

If the answer is YES to any of the above, good news, you are in the right place!

Simply Book a Connection Call or learn more via my Work With Me page.

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