Take Back Control & Own Your Digital Presence With Ultimate Confidence.

Say goodbye to feeling overwhelmed, and step into YOUR power. Get ready to play with your inner creativity, upgrade your digital strategy & show up like never before!

I Want Confidence!

Warning: This program is not for you if...

⛔️ You're not ready for confidence, clarity & control.
⛔️ You don't want to decrease your weekly screen time.
⛔️ You're not ready to do the work. 
⛔️ You want to buy followers & only in this for numbers.
⛔️ You're happy in your comfort zone.

But you're in the right place if...


🌟 You want a firing, HOT successful digital marketing strategy.
🌟 You're ready to commit to consistency!
🌟 You're craving clarity & want an expert to show you the light!
🌟 You're tired of not knowing what to say online - overwhelm has left you feeling burnt out!
🌟You're looking for more balance & structure in your life!
🌟 You're ready to do the inner work! 

Can  you imagine what it would be like when...

 ▪️ You know EXACTLY where & when to show up on social media!
▪️ You understand the EXCITING benefits to having a website!
▪️ You're growing your mailing list like a pro!
▪️ You NEVER again feel scared to show up online!
▪️ You're connecting with a new, ENGAGED audience 
▪️ Your business is FINALLY growing & money is flowing in!

I know what you're thinking...

"I would love to have confidence & clarity but I'm just not good enough. Social Media just doesn't work for my business. I've tried everything. I'll wait until I have more time & feel better about myself."


It's NOT your fault you feel this way.

I used to be where you are right now...

Trust me, I get exactly how you are feeling. When I first started digital marketing, I had ZERO clue what I was doing. I was making it up as I went, winging it, hoping that whatever I tried would work. I was shooting in the dark. I learnt a LOT of what I know now - the hard way. I spent a lot of evenings feel frustrated, bored, fed up, and ultimately overwhelmed. Imposter syndrome sat on my shoulder like a naughty imp, and followed me wherever I went. I never felt "enough" & I often felt behind everyone else. 

It took me YEARS to get to where I am now. The thought of other women feeling the way I felt, for as long as I felt, literally kept me up at night. I'd finally cracked the exact methods - just like  The Art of Strategy Rulebook - but there is SO much more. 

I KNOW I can show you an easier way to GUARANTEED social media success: 

Streamline + Impact = FREEDOM

Digital Marketing gets to be EASY and FUN. 

Do you want me to show you the light?

Jennifer Merritt

Working with Zoe is one of the best decisions I have made in my Business, she has supported me from being stressed, overwhelmed and making little impact with my social media to showing up with ease, confidence and my content is getting noticed. 

Alyx Steele

I have learnt so much from Zoe that has helped me level up in my business but also become more confident on my socials too. She is so knowledgable and lovely to work with and always makes me feel like I can take over the world.



The 6 Week Confidence Boosting Digital Marketing Course For Female Entrepreneurs & Small Business Owners Looking To Enhance Their Digital Presence.

This is EXACTLY what I'm looking for

Here's what the program looks like...

The Digital Marketing Toolbox

We cover:

◼️ How to build a website - the basics.

◼️ Where do I show up on Social Media? (Hint: not everywhere)

◼️ Why Do I Need A Mailing List? 

The Content Pillar Framework

We cover:

◼️ What is your purpose & why is it important? 

◼️Finding "Your" People = The Target Market

◼️What are you selling & why? 

The Confidence Centre

We cover:

◼️ Let's Talk Confidence - What is holding you back?

◼️ Start Today > Start Tomorrow

◼️ Mental Health Toolkit - daily check in to raise your vibration

Finding Your Voice Blueprint

We cover:

◼️ The Importance of Authenticity

◼️ What’s Your Mission Statement? 

◼️ The 7 Day Schedule

The Repurposing Formula 

We cover:

◼️ How to be creative? 

◼️ Video is Queen - Content 101

◼️ Repurpose & Recycle

The Permission Slip Paradigm

We cover:

◼️ Get Comfortable with Feeling Uncomfortable

◼️ The Compound Effect

◼️ Vulnerability is POWERFUL

Claim Your Spot Now

Meet Your Mentor.

Heyy, I’m Zoe! A pleasure to virtually meet you. 

I help brands just like you grow their business without the social media overwhelm. 

Simply put, I make digital marketing EASY. 

Streamline + Impact = FREEDOM

With a background in Graphic Design, Website Building, Copywriting and Photography, combined with a natural flare for everything Social Media, I cover all bases.

I designed The Digital Manifesto so you can support your business with the EXACT tools and methods - so you can leave overwhelm at the door.

What you get in the program...


 6 incredible weeks of epic video training to help you overcome your confidence blocks & take your digital marketing presence to NEXT LEVELS!!! 

✨ 6 magic workbooks to run alongside your training to help you  really implement your new found knowledge (worth £1000)

 6 LIVE group coaching & Q&A sessions where I will directly coach you through the programme (worth £1500)

✨ Become part of a beautiful network of fellow inspirational women - you're all on this journey together!

✨Access to an EXCLUSIVE Facebook group where you can ACCESS ME throughout the entire programme. (worth £1000)




🔥 A 1:1 session with me, as your Personal Social Media Coach, half way through the programme. (worth £500)

🔥 Lifetime access to ALL course materials



But it's available to you for a reduced price...