Hey there, 

I'm Zoe. 

A Facebook & Instagram Ad Wizard. I'm offering you a slice of my expertise and MAGIC!

Serve Me Up A Slice

Hey there, 

I'm Zoe. 

A Facebook & Instagram Ad Wizard. 

I'm offering you a slice of my expertise & MAGIC!

Serve Me Up A Slice

Curated Lead Generation Without The Empty Promises For Coaches & Leaders.

Are you struggling with...

Generating new leads & building your audience?

Have you already tried...

Experimenting with Facebook Ads & they’ve left a burnt taste in your mouth?

Have you already tried...

...to figure out the “technical stuff” on your own?

Are you feeling ready to give up on Facebook Ads altogether???

Imagine this...

You will be able to scale & grow your audience with ease.

You will attract many new leads - without endlessly throwing money away.

You no longer need to get your head around the tech stuff.

You will be fully supported throughout your launch with an EPIC strategy.


Practical Paid Ad Magic. 



Initial Consultation & Deep Dive Strategy Session - 60 minutes.

During this session I will advise you on every element of the ad - from you budget, content type, video scripting, graphic design, copywriting and your audience. I will ensure your launch funnel is setup in a way that I can offer you optimum performance.

Facebook Ad Manager Admin

I will do a health check of the account and make sure it is all set up correctly before beginning. 

Facebook Ad Creation

I will design the graphics & where applicable, help you to produce a video. In different specs for the relevant placements across Facebook and Instagram.


I will assist with copywriting - working with you on both long and short copy for the different ad placements.

Facebook Ad Management 

I will set up your ad and  oversee it’s progress during the learning phase, adjusting budget accordingly, through to end of launch.



Initial Deep Dive Strategy Session 60 Minutes (Valued at £250)

Facebook Ad Manager Health Check (Valued at £150)

Facebook Ad Content Creation (Valued at £350)

Facebook Ad Copywriting (Valued at £250)

Account Management (Valued at £500)

Total Value = £1,500


One Off Payment


Pay In Full

Let's Do This

Payment Plan


Pay In Two

I'm Ready To Go!

Fenn Pullinger

Zoe was awesome and she absolutely knows what she is doing! She told me exactly what she needed from me and communicated throughout. 

Recently, she did some Facebook adverts for me regarding a programme I was doing, and I had 111 sign ups!! I was really pleased with this as not only did I have 111 people join, but I also now have 111 potential clients as they are signed up to my mailing list. I must add as well that this was managed on a very small budget. 

Jennifer Merritt

Working with Zoe is one of the best decisions I have made in my Business, she has supported me from being stressed, overwhelmed and making little impact with my social media to showing up with ease, confidence and my content is getting noticed. 

Through the methods and strategies Zoe assisted me with; adverts, content, messaging, brand and engagement my instagram account has grown 10x from 136 to 1470 in less than 4 months! 

Meet Zoe Newlove.

My mission? To help brands eradicate social media overwhelm.

Simply put, I make digital marketing EASY.

Streamline + Impact = FREEDOM

I have 9 years + experience in Digital Marketing, specialising in Social Media + Paid Ads. With a background in Graphic Design, Website Building, Copywriting and Photography - I have a natural flare for all things creative. 

I've worked with multiple coaches and thought leaders, and helped generate hundreds of new leads & ultimately sales.

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